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With over 16 years of experience, Rebel Tattoo Company provides a clean, professional environment with quality ink and friendly artists. Review our gallery for just a few examples of the exceptional quality and creative work we do here. Call today to book your appointment or stop by and see us in person!


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Brent has been working as a professional tattoo artist for over 16 years in the Barrie and surrounding area. With an extensive portfolio including full sleeves and intricate back pieces, clean script and font work. He is an expert with shading and immaculate line work. Specializing in grey wash and cover ups, Brent will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your finished artwork.

Mike has been in the tattoo industry for the past 6 years. He enjoys all forms of tattooing from colour to greywash, photorealism and flash. He also does custom drawings.

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The artist Bruno , also known as "Smoky", dedicated his life to visual art. Since childhood, drawing and creativity was always part of his daily routine. His tattooing style can be described as ultra colorful and 3D.

Smoky is  a world renowned mural artist. Check out his work at www.brunosmoky.com


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